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Nova Scotia 7 day weather forecast

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Date Temperatures Weather Wind
Sunday, February 25 -2 ° / -11 ° Sunny Sunny 17 Km/h
Monday, February 26 0 ° / -8 ° Sunny Sunny 10 Km/h
Tuesday, February 27 2 ° / -4 ° Sunny Sunny 8 Km/h
Wednesday, February 28 8 ° / 2 ° Overcast Overcast 23 Km/h
Thursday, February 29 9 ° / -7 ° Moderate rain Moderate rain 55 Km/h
Friday, March 1 1 ° / -8 ° Cloudy Cloudy 14 Km/h
Saturday, March 2 5 ° / -1 ° Partly cloudy Partly cloudy 8 Km/h
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Nova Scotia 7 days – weather graph

The weather in Nova Scotia for the next 7 days - FAQ

What will the temperature be in Nova Scotia during the next 7 days?
The temperature will range between 9° C and -2° C. The hottest day in the next 7 days will be on February 29 and the coldest on February 25.
Will it rain at Nova Scotia in the next 7 days?
Yes, there will be around 3 days with rain and an overall rainfall of 10.4 mm.
Will it be snowing in Nova Scotia?
Yes! Nova Scotia is expected to have 2 snowy days in the next week, with estimated total of 0.9 cm of snow.
Can I see more details about the weather in Nova Scotia on a specific day?
Yes, you can click on any of the days in the table above, or check directly the weather forecast for Nova Scotia for today and tomorrow.
Do you have a weather forecast for Nova Scotia for more than 7 days?
You can check the Nova Scotia long range weather page, it is not a forecast, but it can give you an idea of how the weather in Nova Scotia will be like (based on past weather information).
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