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The current temperature in Belize is °. You can find more detailed information about the weather in Belize including humidity, wind, chance of rain and more on the Belize current weather page.

The weather in Belize provides all the information that you need to know about the weather in Belize. Stay up to date on current weather conditions which are updated every minute.

This page provides access to information such as the weather forecast for the next 14 days, the average weather by month, and the full hourly weather forecast for today and tomorrow.

The 14-day forecast lets you know the anticipated weather day by day. The average weather by month will give you an idea of weather trends in Belize. For example, the weather in Belize in May 2024.

These trends can be helpful when planning trips to Belize or preparing for the weather in advance. Weather Forecast

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Weather in Belize - FAQ

Will it rain today in Belize?
The chance of rain in Belize today is %.
What is the weather like in Belize at the moment?
The weather in Belize right now is with a temperature of °C.
What is the hottest month in Belize?
Belize's hottest month is May with an average temperature of 31°C.
What is the coldest month in Belize?
The coldest month in Belize is January with an average temperature of 21°C.
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